World Leaders: Help Girls in Conflict go to School

Millions of girls have been cut off from their education due to conflict and crisis.

What to know:

  • Girls in Ukraine are twice as likely to be out of school compared to non-affected areas.
  • World leaders urgently need to facilitate education for children and youth affected by the crisis in Ukraine.
  • Sign the Petition — urge world leaders to help ECW reach girls affected by the Ukraine Crisis with education

Learn More about this cause:

In crisis situations, out-of-school children, face heightened risk of abuse and exploitation, trafficking, gender-based violence, early pregnancy, and recruitment into armed groups 一 Adolescent girls are particularly at risk.

In countries facing crisis countries Ukraine, the lives and wellbeing of 5.7 million school-aged girls and boys are under severe threat from a deadly armed conflict 一 together with an additional 128 million children and youth in emergencies and protracted crises around the world. These children and youth are suffering trauma, shelling, displacement, injury and death. Without our urgent support, they will be left behind and neglected.

Sadly, girls are more than twice as likely to be affected by conflict. The benefits of investing in girls’ education are powerful and wide-ranging enough to stop poverty between generations and create sustainable futures.

 Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is the United Nations global fund working to ensure that every child affected by armed conflicts and crises has access to a safe, free, and quality education by 2030  but it needs additional funds to achieve this. 

Wealthy countries can take bold, collective and game-changing action to finance education for adolescent girls in emergencies and protracted crises before it is too late.

Sign the petition - Urge world leaders to put girls’ education at the top of their agenda by contributing new and substantial funds to ECW.

We will hand over our signatures to governments like Australia, Sweden, the European Union, USA, Canada and more who are willing to listen.