Help Kids Facing Conflict and Crisis Stay in School

Conflict and crisis threaten every child’s right to an education — call on nations to make sure students can stay in school.

What to know:

  • A shocking 128 million kids risk missing out on education because of conflict, natural disasters, or other crises.
  • We need world leaders including France and Japan to commit new funds to Education Cannot Wait.
  • Call on nations – support ECW’s goal to reach every crisis-affected child with safe, free, and quality education by 2030.

Learn More about this cause:

This year, over 1.6 billion children have had their education disrupted by COVID-19 — a shocking and unprecedented impact of the pandemic. Across the world, pupils have been kept at home, with some more able to learn in this environment than others.

But for kids who were already suffering the brunt of conflict and crisis, this was the final straw. Even before 2020, there were 75 million children in danger of missing out on education in countries like Syria, Liberia, and Nepal, where everything from conflict, health crises and natural disasters were already keeping kids from class. 

This includes children like Qumar — a young boy from Mali. In 2012, Qumar’s education, and those of thousands of other Malian refugee children, was put on hold due to indiscriminate attacks by armed groups against both civilians and state institutions — including schools. 

Qumar fled to Goudoubo refugee camp, where he was hoping to write exams to progress to secondary level. This dream was, however, short-lived because of the COVID-19 outbreak. “I was very disappointed that once again my school closed and that I was not able to finish the new school year.” Qumar said.

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is a global fund working to ensure that every child affected by conflict or crisis has access to a safe, free, and quality education by 2030. If governments pledge enough funds, ECW could reach 8.9 million children and youth by 2021 — but it needs more money to achieve this. 

Ask world leaders to commit new funds to Education Cannot Wait. We will hand over your signature to as many governments as possible, and reference it in meetings with key decision-makers to show the scale of public support.