Bee the Change - Add Your Voice for the Planet

Raise your voice for the planet and tell the United Nations to protect the environment.

What to know:

  • Scientists are sounding the alarm about plummeting insect populations saying we must act to protect nature.
  • WWF will deliver our voices to the head of the UN in New York, in a new push for a cleaner world!
  • In the throes of a pandemic, we’re keeping an eye on the future. The more who sign, the stronger our call!

Learn More about this cause:

Right now, scientists are warning that we only have 10 years to put a cap on climate change by making sure the earth’s temperature doesn’t exceed 1.5°C. If we fail, it will mean worse droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.

For decades a movement has been growing to protect our planet. From marching down the street to demand action from governments or even just planting a bee-friendly seed in your back garden, these little actions can contribute to a better future for ourselves and our next generations.

We know that habitat loss, including from climate change, creates more contact between animals and humans making it easier for viruses to take root and spread. So the better able we are to protect nature, the better able we’ll be to protect our future.

And even from isolation, we can still take action — take a moment to sign the petition to support a future where nature and people can thrive. World Wildlife Fund will deliver it directly to the head of the United Nations as phase one in their new push for a healthy planet.