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We Can’t Ignore the Drought in Southern Africa


Good food is at the centre of most people’s daily lives. Yet millions of people across southern Africa are at risk of not getting enough of the food they need due to poor rains, high temperatures and a persistent fall armyworm infestation, a worm that eats its way through most vegetation in its path.

The drought, which started in October 2017, has caused crops to wilt and has put livestock herds at risk. Action must be taken now to prevent another large-scale food security crisis from taking place.

The southern African region is still recovering from 3 years of El Niño drought. The region is facing changing climatic conditions and more must be done to address the root causes of hunger — in this situation poverty, climate change and the ability of people to adapt.

The drought and fall armyworm will reduce crop harvests across southern Africa and push millions of people, mostly children, into extreme hunger and malnutrition over the next 12 to 15 months. The following countries are most at risk: Botswana; Malawi; Mozambique; Zimbabwe; Madagascar; Zambia and South Africa.

Ask world leaders to take action now to prevent another large-scale food security crisis.

Because we all deserve good food for ourselves and our families.