Demand Equality For Women in the Entertainment Industry in Latin America

Sign the petition for Latin America’s entertainment industry to treat women equally – add your name.

What to know:

  • From sexual harassment to less pay, the entertainment industry across Latin America is unequal for women.
  • Getting this high-profile sector to recognize gender equality would be a huge win for women’s rights.
  • Tell the entertainment industry to promote gender equality on stage and behind the scenes – sign now.

Learn More about this cause:

​​Gender inequality affects the music industry. According to Women in Music, female representation in the industry is just 30% with just 2 percent of all music producers being female. 

The lack of representation for women, discrimination, sexual harassment, the pay gap and the lack of opportunities for professional growth all hold women back. But together we can take action to change this.

That is why Decididas y Sensibles and Chingonas join forces with Global Citizen to promote gender equality in Latin America and the world.

We’re asking the most important music festivals in the region to join us and promote gender equality on stage and behind the scenes to create equal opportunities for all.

Sign the petition for the music industry to put women’s equality first – add your name.