Sign the Pledge: Protect the Most Vulnerable From Coronavirus

Everyone deserves equal protection — starting with health workers, and other vulnerable people.

What to know:

  • Right now, governments are racing to develop treatments and a vaccine to fight COVID-19.
  • When this is available, it’s vital that everyone has equal access — starting with the most vulnerable people.
  • Tell world leaders: regardless of where they live or their ability to pay, the most vulnerable must be protected.

Learn More about this cause:

Right now, coronavirus is spreading across the globe — with the death toll increasing everyday, and fears that the worst is yet to come as the virus threatens to spread in the world’s poorest countries. 

The world is struggling to stop coronavirus because we don’t yet have enough tests, proven treatments, or a vaccination against the virus. Over the past few weeks, alongside the heroism shown by health workers, stories of fear and selfishness have emerged — of individuals stockpiling goods, and countries hoarding essential medical supplies. 

We must not allow the same thing to happen to vital treatments or a vaccine against the virus once it becomes available. We don’t yet know which country or company will develop a vaccine, but we do know there will be a huge demand for it once it is available. 

When this day comes, it’s vital that everyone, everywhere has equal access — starting with the most vulnerable people. 

Whether it’s masks or ventilators now, or treatments and vaccines in the future, health workers and the most vulnerable must be given priority access — regardless of where they live or their ability to pay. 

Global Citizen is joining forces with people around the world to demand a global, inclusive response to COVID-19 that protects the most vulnerable: health workers, the elderly, people with pre-existing conditions, and those who cannot do physical distancing. 

This is urgent. The EU has invited world leaders to gather online on 4 May to discuss creating and distributing a vaccine against COVID-19. This is a key opportunity for governments to agree on a plan that ensures the most vulnerable people are protected.  

Let’s show world leaders we’re watching: sign the pledge now!