How Does the Climate Crisis Impact Poverty?

The climate crisis is the single greatest barrier to ending extreme poverty – take the quiz to learn why.

What to know:

  • From heat waves to hurricanes, the impacts of the climate crisis disproportionately threaten the world’s poorest.
  • By taking action to defend the planet, we can save hundreds of millions of people from hunger and homelessness.
  • Test your knowledge on the link between climate change and extreme poverty: take the quiz!

Learn More about this cause:

The climate crisis is here, bringing with it intensifying droughts and heat waves across the globe. No country is immune to its force, but the impacts of a warming world are being felt unevenly.

Despite contributing the least to climate change, the world’s poorest communities are on its front lines, and most are without the resources to overcome its devastating effects.

The situation is dire: if left unchecked, the climate crisis will entrench homelessness and hunger around the world – undoing years of progress to lift people out of poverty.

The fight to end extreme poverty rests on humanity’s ability to tackle climate change – see for yourself by taking the quiz.


Image Credit: EU / Xaume OLLEROS