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Sign Our Petition Against Pandemics

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Experts estimate that 75% of emerging infectious human diseases originate and are transmitted from animals. Deforestation has pushed animal and insect populations closer to us than ever before. With a warmer climate, mosquitoes carrying diseases like Zika are able to thrive and infect us. This contributes to disease outbreaks which can lead to epidemics and even pandemics. Everyone is affected by such health crises but the poorest are hit the hardest as they have the least access to health services.

We don’t know what epidemic will come next, who it will affect or how long it will last. In today’s interconnected world, remote  local health crises can rapidly and unpredictably become global, spreading faster than we can currently develop new vaccines or treatments and bringing health emergencies to previously unaffected and unsuspecting countries within days or weeks.

Sign our petition now calling on global leaders to put the necessary infrastructure and systems in place and invest in the prevention of pandemics.