Call on World Leaders to Prioritize Sanitation and Hygiene

Urge Governments, Civil Institutions, And Businesses to Prioritize Sanitation and Hygiene

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As a Global Citizen, it’s a safe bet you care about gender equality, global health, education, economic growth, environmental sustainability, and peace.

Here’s a fact: toilets are going to play a huge role in realizing those ideals.

Yet, the importance of sanitation and hygiene is overlooked by countless governments, world leaders, and businesses.

Without toilets, women must go out in the open and face sexual harassment; children fall fatally ill from drinking dirty water; girls miss out on an education because they lack information about menstruation, and safe bathrooms to manage their periods in safety and with dignity at school.

A safe toilet requires more than just access to a physical loo. That’s why we need to call on world leaders to ensure comprehensive sanitation is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Sign your name for sanitation, because everyone deserves a safe place to go.