Call On Nigeria’s Leaders To Protect The Future Of Their Youth

Nigerians have elected a new set of leaders who will steer the country for the next four years. Add your voice to call for change.

What to know:

  • Systemic corruption, mass illiteracy, and more, threaten progress made in its democratic development and economic growth.
  • Without massive sustained pressure and advocacy, poverty and its underlyIng causes will continue.
  • Add your voice ― Sign the petition urging Nigeria’s leaders to do the right thing.

Learn More about this cause:

In 2020,many observers to the US election marked it as ‘a historic crossroads for the United States, a contest for the soul of the nation, a struggle over whether democracy, decency, and even reason itself can long endure’.

Soon, Nigeria, a country of over 213 million people, and a geo-political heavyweight in Africa will elect new leaders to steer the country for the next four years ― and the atmosphere is one of similar expectations with renewed hope for a system that works for all.

Together with the ONE Campaign, a global movement, campaigning to end extreme poverty, we’re calling on Nigeria’s aspiring leaders to protect the future of its youth. Without massive sustained pressure and advocacy, democracy can suffer and the underlying causes of poverty will continue.

Watch the video to learn more about what the youth are saying and add your voice to demand action from Nigeria’s leaders. Together, we’re letting them know that millions of youth around the world are counting on them to safeguard the future of Nigeria’s youth.