Call on our leaders to tackle the refugee crisis

    UNHCR/Photo by Shawn Baldwin

    Globally over 65 million people are forcibly displaced. They have left everything behind, fleeing from conflict, violence and natural disasters. The international community has a responsibility to help and protect refugees. Yet many governments have repeatedly failed to live up to their responsibility. 

    Now is the time for governments to step up to ensure all refugees have access to basic services, education and employment opportunities and to provide more legal pathways for refugees to resettle. Governments must also support those who are trapped in conflict countries, uphold human rights and tackle the root causes of the refugee crisis.

    Collectively the world's richest 20 countries account for 85% of world GDP, 80% of global trade and represent over two thirds of the world’s population. They are best-placed to mobilise the political will and the financial resources necessary to address the refugee crisis.

    When the 20 most powerful countries in the world come together for the G7 in Canada this June and the G20 in Argentina this November, refugees must be on top of their agenda. 

    Sign our petition calling on all G7 and G20 leaders to take concrete steps to help refugees worldwide. Every signature will help us to increase the pressure and see some real change.

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