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Break the Silence on Menstruation

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A woman menstruates for an average of 40 years. That is 3000 days, or 8 years in her lifetime.

Menstruation is a sign of health and vitality in a woman. However a culture of silence exists around menstruation and proper menstrual health.

This culture of silence leads to poor reproductive health, indignity, shame, low self-esteem, and emotional trauma for millions of women every month.  We need to break this silence and encourage women to feel proud of this natural, biological process. A big part of this silence is the lack of education, especially in schools and households, around menstrual hygiene management.

Silence about menstruation is a problem all around the world, including in India, As it stands, 10% of girls in India believe that menstruation is a disease. That is why we need to break this silence by calling on the government of India to incorporate menstrual hygiene management in the health curriculum, and provide sanitary materials and safe disposal facilities.