We all want life to get back to normal — to lift lockdowns, to not have to worry about our family and friends, and to be able to socialize again. 

To end the pandemic, we need to vaccinate everyone, everywhere. When people aren’t vaccinated the virus can spread and when it does, it mutates. Mutations make treatments and vaccines less effective prolonging the pandemic. 

The UK is on track to have 100 million extra doses, enough to vaccinate the world's frontline health workers twice over.  If the UK donates our surplus vaccines now we can help stop the virus from spreading and prevent mutations. 

Timing is crucial, the longer we wait to share our extra doses, the more chance there is of mutated COVID-19 variants emerging. With over half of the UK adult population vaccinated, the time for the UK to start sharing vaccines is now.

Leading charities are urging prime minister Boris Johnson to publish a clear roadmap for vaccine distribution, starting by protecting health workers in the world’s poorest countries. 

Join their call – send an email to Boris Johnson to commit to vaccine sharing immediately to end the pandemic.