Biden: Stop the Willow Project

The new Willow oil field in Alaska will have devastating consequences for our planet.

What to know:

  • President Biden has approved the Willow Project in Alaska, one of the largest oil developments in decades.
  • The site is estimated to produce 287 million tons of CO2 and cause nearly $20 billion in climate change-related damages.
  • Send an urgent tweet to President Biden to not go through with this destructive betrayal of people and planet.

Learn More about this cause:

This week, President Biden approved one of America's largest oil projects in decades. In the middle of a climate crisis. 

The Willow Project – approved to tear through the Alaskan wildnerness – is set to produce 287 million tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of the annual emissions from 76 coal plants.

Approval of this oil field will cause nearly $20 billion in climate-related damages and endager the lives of millions around the world.

We cannot afford to continue with business as usual. President Biden pledged serious action on the climate crisis and no new drilling on fedral lands. Now, he's breaking that promise.

Send an urgent tweet to President Biden calling for him to stick to his word and reverse this destructive decision.