President Biden: Declare a Climate Emergency

Time is running out to protect the planet: urge President Biden to declare a national emergency and deliver critical action to fight climate change.

What to know:

  • Our planet is burning all while political gridlock is delaying urgently needed climate action from the US government.
  • To make up for lost progress, the President can declare a national emergency and introduce swift action to defend the planet.
  • We can’t let President Biden miss this opportunity for action: sign your name and urge him to declare a climate emergency.

Learn More about this cause:

Temperatures are soaring across the globe and extreme heat is making life unbearable for millions. The climate crisis is at a tipping point – but American leaders are not doing nearly enough to address it.

For months, President Biden’s climate agenda has been stalled by political gridlock. 

With so much on the line, activists and environmental groups are now calling on the President to declare a “climate emergency” – a tool that would allow the White House to bypass congress and implement critically-needed measures to tackle the crisis.

This is no time to sit still. US action is sorely needed to reduce emissions, end dependence on fossil fuels, fund clean energy, and protect climate-vulnerable communities.

This is our last chance. If President Biden fails to act now, we will miss our last, best opportunity to protect our planet

We cannot let President Biden miss this opportunity for action. Global Citizens are joining forces with one clear message for the President – it’s time to declare a climate emergency and urgently deliver action to protect our planet: sign the petition!