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Tweet Starbucks asking them to donate 100% of unused food to charity in the UK


In 2016, Starbucks announced it will begin to donate 100% of unused food from its US stores to charity - a fantastic step towards reducing global food waste and alleviating hunger in America. 

When we heard the news, our campaigners tweeted Starbucks asking if the coffee chain would implement a similar scheme in the UK, but received no response. Our research shows no indication of plans in this country. Why? 

Whilst use of food banks soars to record levels, the UK continues to throw away almost 15 million tonnes of food every year - a shocking and unnecessary reality. 

It is simply not fair, or right, for edible food to go in the bin whilst children go to bed hungry. With 760 stores across the country, Starbucks could make a significant impact by reducing their waste, and providing food to the estimated 2 million malnourished people who need it. 

We want to know - when will Starbucks reduce their food waste in the UK too? 

Tweet now to praise Starbucks for the big step forwards, and ask when they will do the same in the UK. Let’s make some noise that Starbucks can’t ignore.