Climate Jargon 101

Do you know what experts mean when they talk about the climate crisis? Test your knowledge.

What to know:

  • To fight climate change we need to understand what caused the problem, and the solutions that exist.
  • But there’s a lot of jargon out there. What do scientists mean when they say ‘mitigation’ or ‘carbon neutral’?
  • Become a low-key climate expert – take our quiz on the most common climate phrases. How many can you get right?

Learn More about this cause:

We are all experiencing the effects of climate change. From record breaking heat waves,  disastrous rainfalls to increased food prices – we can no longer debate that the world is going through a crisis and it was caused by human activity. 

We all have a part to play in fighting this environmental issue but it starts by educating ourselves on the problem and the solutions. 

When scientists and advocates talk about climate change, they often throw around terminology which is not always accessible and can be confusing for non-scientists. 

What is meant by ‘mitigation’ and ‘carbon neutral’? Do you think you know? We’ve put together a quiz with some key terms and phrases used in the world of climate change. Test yourself  to find out how much you know.