The Health of the Arctic Affects the Whole of Humanity: Learn How

Extreme Arctic warming is triggering a cascade of catastrophes across the planet – test your knowledge by taking the quiz.

What to know:

  • From floods in Pakistan to droughts in Morocco, extreme weather events are wreaking havoc on communities across the globe.
  • Our future depends on collective action to prevent the climate crisis from worsening.
  • The path to tackling climate change runs directly through the Arctic. Learn how by taking the quiz.

Learn More about this cause:

Floods in Pakistan. Droughts in Morocco. Wildfires in Europe. The climate crisis is here and it’s threatening communities worldwide.

But did you know the path to prevent further devastation runs directly through the Arctic?

The Arctic helps regulate the world’s climate – influencing the Earth’s atmosphere and ocean currents. Because of this stabilising effect, the health of the Arctic affects the whole of humanity. Understanding this relationship is key to helping address climate change.

We’ve teamed up with Arctic Basecamp and their Arctic Risk Platform to help you learn the basics of the issue – take the quiz!