All Children Around The World Deserve to Go to School


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    264 million children around the world are missing out on an education. Over half of these are girls & 75 million are out of school due to conflict and natural disaster. Providing quality education to all children and young people is essential for economic growth and prosperity around the world.

    The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has launched its Case for Investment calling on all donors to urgently and significantly increase education financing at a domestic level and increase funding to GPE to help reach a target of $3.1B to fund education in over 80 countries between 2018 and 2020. Without donors stepping up we will not come close to achieving sustainable development goal 4: inclusive, equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities, for all children by 2030.

    By 2030, more than 800 million of the 1.6 billion young people in the world will have never gone to school or have had the basic skills needed for employment.

    Look at kids like Wongani from the world’s poorest country: Malawi. He is exceedingly talented and wants to become a ‘businessman,’ but will never to afford to go to secondary school without organisations such as GPE to support him.

    GPE.jpgPhoto Credit: Critical Mass. Title: Wongani a budding ‘businessman’ stands in front of charts showing the high drop-out rate and challenges for kids in his school in Malawi.

    A massive shift is needed in the way we invest in education systems if we want a safe, secure and prosperous future for the next generation.

    That is why we need Global Citizens to call on the G7, G20, and Commonwealth leaders to support and pledge to the GPE replenishment, so the fund can get to at least $2 billion in annual funding by 2020.

    GPE’s replenishment will be the first opportunity for donors to demonstrate a step-change in education financing that will show they are serious about achieving SDG 4. We need your help to make sure they hear this call to #FundEducation and empower children like Wongani everywhere.