How Can We Live in a Food Secure World?

Watch the video and take the quiz to understand why supporting farmers will protect the world.

What to know:

  • Our smallholder farmers, who contribute most of the world’s food supply, are facing the brunt of the climate crisis.
  • Funding research and climate-smart farming like drought resistant seeds is critical to protecting millions from poverty.
  • Watch the video then take our quiz – learn how supporting farmers helps protect all of us.

Learn More about this cause:

Climate change is already having a significant impact on our lives, especially on the African continent, which is facing increasingly extreme weather conditions. 

Business as usual has increased droughts, heat waves, severe storms and made it difficult to predict rainy seasons. Our smallholder farmers, who contribute substantially to the world’s food supply, are taking the brunt of the climate crisis and the long term consequences can not be ignored. 

The world has to eliminate emissions which are causing the climate crisis but equally needs to ensure communities can adapt to the changes that are already here. 

Our partners at the Ban Ki-moon Centre recently visited CGIAR/AICCRA, a project in Ghana which works to scale climate-smart agriculture and climate information services. Watch the video to hear from smallholder farmers who have been learning about the benefits of climate smart agriculture. Then test your knowledge with the quiz.