Call on African Leaders to Make Health a Priority.


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    It’s time to break the silence...on child and maternal deaths. Time is ticking. Everyday, over 800 women die in childbirth, of which 99% live in the developing world. And one in five African children lack access to routine immunizations.

    With too many children and mothers in Africa still missing out on the critical vaccines and healthcare they need to survive, we need leaders to break the silence on this issue.

    In January 2017, African Union leaders agreed to get back on track to reach universally agreed on health targets, strengthen health systems, and ensure every child has access to vaccines by 2020.

    We must not let them forget these promises. It is only with proactive leadership that we can create a healthier future for Africa and the world.

    We need leaders to guarantee that every mother and child has the best possible chance at a healthy future. Help us get back on track by signing and sharing the petition today.