African Leaders: Don’t Gas Africa

Sign the petition to fight against Africa being locked into a fossil fuel future.

What to know:

  • The African Union has proposed an expansion in fossil fuels that would pollute the continent and put lives at risk.
  • African organisations have rejected this and are calling for an evidence-based transition plan to renewable energy.
  • Add your voice to the campaign: Sign the petition calling on leaders to prioritise clean energy for the continent.

Learn More about this cause:

Burning gas, coal and crude oil for energy is destroying our world – extracting these fuels pollutes people’s land, destroys homes, and permanently damages environments. When fossil fuels burn, the heating atmosphere causes more floods, droughts, erratic rainfall, and heat waves across Africa.

African land is not a gas station. Millions are losing their homes, don’t have access to food, have their health threatened and are slipping into higher levels of extreme poverty because of the fossil fuel industry.

Instead of selling away fossil fuel extraction rights to big multinational companies, African leaders should invest in clean, renewable energies that will directly benefit people across the continent without damaging their health.

But right now, An African Union committee has proposed an African Common Position on Energy Access and Transition for adoption that views gas as a “green energy” and what’s worse is they’ve made no plans to expand actual clean energies like wind and solar power.

We cannot allow African countries to be locked into a fossil fuel future.

There is hope. Civil society organisations across the continent are fighting back and we all need to stand by them. The Don’t Gas Africa campaign calls for African leaders to reject this proposal and prioritise evidence-based policies around a just transition to renewable energy.

Sign the petition: the more names we have, the more impact we will create when it’s handed over.