African Leaders: Be Our Climate Champions

Countries in Africa are on the front lines of the climate crisis – urge leaders on the continent to help safeguard the planet.

What to know:

  • Despite contributing the least to climate change, millions in Africa are facing floods and famine due to rising temperatures.
  • African leaders can make a difference by helping to protect the communities and regions most vulnerable to climate change.
  • Help inspire action by raising your voice – sign our petition calling on African leaders to step up for the planet.

Learn More about this cause:

Despite contributing the least to climate change, African countries bear the brunt of its devastation. From flooding in Uganda to famine in Madagascar, the effects of rising temperatures are being felt in all corners of the continent.

While the biggest polluters bear the greatest responsibility in addressing the climate crisis, there are actions that every country can take to protect their communities.

African leaders must conserve and restore areas of nature that trap harmful carbon from entering the atmosphere and reduce the risk of floods. They must also take steps to help communities address the impacts of climate change already taking place by developing regional adaptation plans.

By taking action now, African leaders can help turn the tides on the climate crisis. We can get them to act – sign the open letter!


Image Credit: Axel Fassio/CIFOR