Stop the Humanitarian Catastrophe in Afghanistan

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What to know:

  • After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the German government froze humanitarian aid.
  • More than half of the population needs urgent support. NGOs must be able to continue working on the ground.
  • Sign the petition and pressure the German government to act.

Learn More about this cause:

Almost a year has passed since the international community withdrew and the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. The humanitarian situation in the country is catastrophic: 24.4 million people, almost 58 % of the population, are affected by acute hunger.

After the Taliban regained power, the German government stopped most of its development cooperation funding in the country. For months, the hands of non-governmental organisations working in Afghanistan were tied and some had to suspend their work – even though the urgent need for support was already known before the Taliban came to power.

The population in Afghanistan is suffering. It is not only the Taliban rule that has a negative impact on the humanitarian situation. The ongoing climate crisis, consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sanctions imposed by the Western community of states on the de facto government led to the collapse of the economy and the outbreak of an unprecedented financial crisis. Most recently, the ongoing war in Ukraine has also led to a rapid increase in food prices in Afghanistan, causing hunger for millions. 

In addition to the humanitarian crisis, girls' and women's rights have been under acute threat since the Taliban came to power. Girls from grade 7 onwards have been banned from attending school for almost a year, despite pressure from Western countries and promises from the Taliban. Added to this is the new decree passed by the Taliban at the beginning of May. This takes away women's freedom to leave their homes without male accompaniment or to work in many professions. The new regulations are considered the Taliban's harshest attempt to control the lives of women in the country.  

The German government has promised funds for refugees in neighbouring countries as well as financial support for UN organisations in Afghanistan. But all non-governmental organisations that want to continue their work in the country need financial and administrative support from the German government as well. The sanctions imposed on the Taliban regime restrict many organisations in their work. 

By hastily withdrawing troops and completely misjudging the dangerous situation on the ground, the German government has contributed to this crisis situation.It is now up to the German government to take responsibility for its actions and help to stop the humanitarian catastrophe. Sign our petition now and call on decision-makers to take responsibility and stand up for Afghanistan's civil society!