Support for Civilians and Civil Society Organizations in Afghanistan

Supporting the people in Afghanistan is more important than ever!

What to know:

  • After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the German government froze development cooperation funds.
  • More than half of the population needs humanitarian aid. NGOs must be able to continue working on the ground.
  • Sign our petition and pressure the German government to act.

Learn More about this cause:

After the withdrawal of international troops, the Taliban have taken power in Afghanistan. The news and images are unbearable. The fate of millions of people in the country has changed dramatically and successes of recent years, including better access to education and health care, are under acute threat.

The German government has cut off development cooperation fundings in the country for the time being. Civil society organizations active on the ground are very concerned about this decision – hundreds of thousands of Afghans are internally displaced. According to the UN, almost 18.4 million Afghans are already dependent on humanitarian aid. The World Food Program has warned that food for the population is running out and one in three people is already at risk of severe hunger.  

Civil society organizations working in Afghanistan urgently want to continue their work and need continued support from the German government to do so. 
The German government has promised aid for refugees in neighboring countries and financial support for UN organizations in Afghanistan. But civil society organizations that want to continue their work in the country are currently on their own.

By hastily withdrawing their troops and completely misjudging the dangerous situation on the ground, the German government has contributed to this crisis situation. It is therefore their responsibility to take action and stop the humanitarian crisis now.  

Sign our petition now and call on decision-makers to stand up for Afghans and civil society organizations on the ground! We will hand it over to the German government and continue to put pressure on politicians, so that the German government finally supports civil society organizations on the ground.