Share This Climate Adaptation To-Do List with World Leaders

We’ve got three things leaders can do right now to protect people and the planet. Share our list with them.

What to know:

  • COP27 has ended but vulnerable communities will continue to struggle daily as the climate crisis continues.
  • Critical conversations and promises on climate adaptation aren’t enough, we need leaders to act and invest now.
  • Share this to-do list with leaders reminding them of important items to tick-off for immediate impact. Tweet now.

Learn More about this cause:

"We have seen signals of solidarity on tackling climate change at COP27, but these signals must evolve into meaningful actions that benefit the most vulnerable. COP27 is part of a process, not an endpoint." - Ban Ki-moon 

After weeks of important discussions and negotiations, COP27 has drawn to a close. Though the conference ended with some positive outcomes, we still have a long road ahead of us to reach climate justice.

Ensuring communities can adapt to droughts, floods, and heat waves is critical especially for smallholders who produce one-third of the world's food yet only receive 1.7 percent of climate finance. 

Send world leaders a reminder that to reduce poverty and hunger, they need to act on the promise to double climate adaptation finance, invest in smallholder farmers and adhere to all commitments made on agriculture adaptation.