The Rewards Program is back and better than ever. 

That means new levels, better benefits, more rewards. 

How does this new program work? When you take a new action, you level up to Gold, where you get access to our best Rewards. You’ll stay Gold through the next month. But make sure to take at least one action each month to keep your Gold status and have access to all the amazing rewards!



Access to Silver draws


Fill out your profile 

Take at least one action



Access to all rewards

5-Point monthly bonus
For maintaining your Gold level

VIP Draws

Instant Win
For select rewards, only.

Multiple Entries
Enter to win a draw more than once and increase your chance of winning. For select rewards, only.


After you’ve reached Silver Status

You will keep your Gold status through the next month.

In order to keep your Gold status, you must take at least one new action each month. If you do not, you will lose your Gold status.