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Über Sightsavers

We want to end avoidable blindness and get equality for people with disabilities. We help blind people see, prevent others going blind, and support people whose sight loss is permanent to live independently. We don’t just slap a sticking-plaster on the problem – we campaign for a fairer world and change lives in the long term. Our Put Us #InThePicture campaign fights for people with disabilities in developing countries to benefit from global aid and have a say in decisions that affect them.

Über Sightsavers & Global Citizen

We think everyone deserves the chance to go to school, access healthcare, earn a living and have a voice in their own future - to be included in society. But for too long people with disabilities living in the world's poorest countries have been at the back of the queue for these basic rights. It's time for this to change: in 2015 the world has the opportunity to put things right and see incredible progress in the fight against global poverty. We can do it, but only by working together.