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This is the most important election of our lifetime. Its implications stretch far beyond our borders. A vote in the US is really a vote for the world and we can't afford to be silent. The power of our collective voice starts with you – we're here to help you Just Vote. Are you with us?

Every Vote Counts — Take the Pledge!

Pledge to vote and help make sure the US election is fair and accurate. Join us!

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Vote Count

Learn everything you need to know about how to vote in your state — where to vote, how to vote early, and more!

More Actions to Just Vote

Every Vote Counts

Every Vote Counts is a celebratory moment that will provide needed information in the final days of the election season airing on Thursday, October 29, at 9 p.m. ET.

Time to Just Vote

Employers have the power to significantly increase participation in our democracy by giving their employees time to vote.

Demand News Outlets Not Call the Election Too Early

Send an email to news outlets asking them to wait on calling the winner until they're certain of the results.

Campaign Partners


This information is being provided without regard to political preference and is not being offered or withheld based on support for or opposition to particular candidates or a particular political party.

Learn More About the Election

Our friends at Spotify created a playlist featuring our supporting artists biggest hits. Give it a listen and Just Vote!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Citizen?

Global Citizen is the world's largest movement of action takers and impact makers dedicated to ending extreme poverty by 2030. With over 10 million advocates, our voices have the power to drive lasting change around sustainability, equality, and humanity. We post, tweet, message, vote, sign, and call to inspire those who can make things happen to act — government leaders, businesses, philanthropists, artists, and citizens. In our app and on our website, Global Citizens learn about the systemic causes of extreme poverty, take action on those issues, and earn rewards with tickets to concerts, events, and experiences all over the world and virtually. To date, the actions of our community, along with high-level advocacy efforts and work with partners, has resulted in commitments and policy announcements from leaders valued at over $48 billion, affecting the lives of more than 880 million people.

What is Headcount and why are you partnering with them?

HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that promotes participation in democracy through music, culture, and digital media. Since 2004 the organization has registered over 650,000 voters and worked with a long list of musicians and partners including Ariana Grande, Dave Matthews Band, JAY-Z, Beyoncé, March for Our Lives, RuPaul’s DragCon, MTV, and Dead & Company. HeadCount also organizes “Participation Row” activism villages at over a dozen major music festivals and concert tours. With 40,000 volunteers, street teams in most major U.S. cities and presence at more than 1,000 events each year, HeadCount ranks as one of the most active grassroots civic participation organizations in the United States.

Global Citizen is partnering with HeadCount to help drive a joint campaign designed to get people to check their registration status, register to vote, and to vote. 

How do I sign up for Global Citizen?

You can join by downloading the Global Citizen app, visiting our website and registering to be a Global Citizen. Once you join Global Citizen, you can take actions such as signing petitions, sharing messages on social media, writing letters to politicians, and more. With every action you take, you'll earn points that you can redeem for Rewards, such as digital content + experiences, beauty products, merchandise, and more. To date, the Global Citizen community has taken over 24 million actions, which has resulted in commitments and policy announcements from leaders valued at over $48 billion, affecting the lives of more than 2.25 billion people by 2030.

How do I get more involved with Global Citizen?

There are many ways to get involved with Global Citizen. First, sign-up to get our email updates and complete your user profile. Be sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter + YouTube) to see our latest updates. And download the Global Citizen app to start taking action with us. Finally, text us at (917) 540-5575 to get the latest updates over text message (standard rates apply).

Wait, I thought Global Citizen is a nonprofit. How can you promote an election?

Non-profits (designated as 501(c)(3) tax status by the IRS) are limited in what they can do in an election. Everything a nonprofit does must be non-partisan. That is why Global Citizen is not endorsing any candidates. Our campaign is limited to motivating people to check their registration status, encouraging them to register to vote, providing information about voting, and asking them to vote by mail-in ballot or in person. 

Which artists are supporting this campaign?

We are offering rewards from Billie Eilish, Billy Porter, Bob Weir, Dave Matthews, DJ Khaled, Donna Karan, Dove Cameron, Eddie Vedder, FINNEAS, Gavin Rossdale, Julianne Hough, Kaia Gerber, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Lenny Kravitz, Loren Gray, Madison Beer, Meghan Trainor, Nicky Jam, Prince Royce, Quavo, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and Usher

How do I enter to win a virtual reward with my favorite artist?

Find your favorite artist above, click through to their dedicated reward page, check your voter registration status there, and you’ll be automatically entered in to win.

What is this campaign asking people to do?

This campaign is focused on several stages of the voting process.

First, we are asking people to check their registration status. People who do that on the Global Citizen site will be eligible to win a special content experience. This is the only step of the voting process that a person can earn a chance to win a Reward.

Second, we’re asking people who aren’t registered to make sure they get registered by their state deadlines. You can see those deadlines here.

Third, we are asking people to vote, either by mail-in ballot or in person. Every eligible voter should research the best voting method for them in their state so they’re aware of the deadlines. Every state’s rules and deadlines are different.

Fourth, we are asking people to encourage their friends to vote. By building and sharing your voting plan with your friends, you may encourage them to also vote. 

Where can I find information about voting in my state?

Go to HeadCount.org and navigate to your state to find the latest information on voter registration deadlines and voter laws. You can register from this site as well as find out when and where you can vote.