1. You’ve become so hangry that you’ve sworn loudly at one of your friends because they offered you some birthday cake. On their birthday.

2. You were so busy thinking about food that you forgot your wallet and your phone and your keys all at the same time.

3. You walked the wrong way home from work because you smelt a delicious smell and got lost.

4. You’ve eaten dinners that look like this:

horrible lunch.jpgYum

5. You dropped an egg and burst into tears because that was your lunch.

6. You see porridge with milk as a luxury breakfast.


7. You take bags of shopping to your local food bank, because you don't want other people feeling as hungry as you did.
Food bank.jpg

NB: One of our participants did this and it was amazing. More here.

8. You’ve thought about the systemic inequalities that lead to global poverty more than ever before; your perspective has completely changed and you’re now motivated to doing everything you can to help put an end to extreme poverty by 2030!
Change the world.jpg


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