It’s June 21 and that means it is World Giraffe Day. Seriously.

Started by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (yes, that’s also a thing, and yes I just signed up as a member because: GIRAFFES), the annual event is set up to “celebrate the longest-necked animal on the longest day or night (depending on which hemisphere you live!) of the year.

People across the world took to social media to show support for the lovable long-necked animals 

And it seems that love for giraffes is not a new thing.

News agencies got in on the act, with the BBC posting this awesome video of a newborn giraffe – and you thought it was impossible for these animals to be even cuter.

And this video of giraffes doing crazy stuff is hard to beat.

Though, this guy’s simplicity may just do it.

And everyone reading this is about to develop a strong desire to visit here:

And in case you thought giraffes were all visual, there is new evidence that these amazing animals hum to each other at night.

These gorgeous creatures face threats every day. Encroaching on their habitats, pollution, climate change, and the list goes on.

Celebrate their unique beauty today and think about protecting them, yourself and the planet every day.  Have a happy World Giraffe Day!


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World Giraffe Day is a thing

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