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Sustainability: another key piece of the poverty puzzle

When I think of eradicating poverty I think of ensuring that people are employed, that mothers have enough to eat, that children have access to a quality education… Fundamental components of daily life.

It’s easy to overlook how the environment factors in. And it does in a pretty major way.

But as Joshua Jackson (shoutout to Dawson's Creek!) explains in this video from TakePart World (in conjunction with Global Citizen!),over 800 million people rely on natural resources for their day-to-day survival. From corn needed to feed families to fish needed to sell and materials needed for artisanal products, people around the world need healthy plants and animals to survive.

Currently, changes in the environment threaten communities that rely on natural resources. From deforestation in the Amazon, to erratic weather in Southeast Asia, the environment has a tremendous impact on the quality of and access to needed resources. Just think about it: How can farmers make a living if their land has been flooded? How can mothers feed their families in the middle of a draught?

Luckily, the world has the power to reverse the situation. Governments can pass laws that limit deforestation. Organizations can promote sustainable farming practices. Individuals can limit their carbon footprint. Every component has a ripple effect; everyone in the world is connected.

Just check out the video to see for yourself…