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These images from Twitter are dispelling myths about Africa


Africa’s hashtag game is ON POINT this week. On Tuesday, my colleague wrote about the hashtag #BeingFemaleInNigeria, which is empowering girls and women to share their experiences with others. But there’s another hashtag that’s making the rounds- and this one is just as cool. #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou is allowing people across the continent to reclaim the narrative from the media and dispel myths left and right.

Think Africa is just one homogeneous country? Characterized solely by guns, poverty, disease, and endless amounts of sand? Think again. Here are 10 of my favorite myths, busted by #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou.

1. MYTH: All Africans are poor.

2. MYTH: There’s too much violence and poverty for people to be concerned with fashion.

3. MYTH: Colleges in Africa? Is that a joke?

4. MYTH:  Africa is pretty much a desert wasteland.

5. MYTH: African women aren’t respected or valued in their communities.

6. MYTH: Africa has no gorgeous beaches. Aren’t you thinking of the Caribbean?

7. MYTH: All Africans look the same.

8. MYTH: If you’re looking for great historical architecture you have to visit Europe or Asia.

9. MYTH: All cities in Africa are dumps.

10. MYTH: There are no pink lakes in Africa. (OK, not really a myth, but go with it..)

Now that we’ve established Africa is a diverse continent full of people and nations that can’t be stereotyped, help me get the word out by retweeting your favorite tweet or sharing this article. And check out my colleague Zoe’s article for more myths about Africa.