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9 of Election Night's Funniest Moments


It was a long night of anticipation for all sides of the political spectrum, but in great British style, some hilariously odd moments have given us a chuckle along the way.

1) Elmo heckling Theresa May on arrival at Maidenhead constituency

It all began with the strange moment Elmo heckled May as she arrived at the Maidenhead Declaration. Even more bizarrely, it turns out Elmo was standing against May - and actually secured three votes!

2) Corbyn’s awkward high five

Excitement and sleep deprivation must have kicked in when Corbyn committed himself to possibly the worst high five in election history. We are cringing for Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South and Finsbury, who was slapped on the chest by mistake.

3) Lord Buckethead does the dab

Yes, that actually happened. Lord Buckethead stood as an independent candidate and managed to accumulate 249 votes in May’s constituency of Maidenhead. The self-titled “intergalactic space lord”  then went onto dab on stage in delight!

4) Mr Fish Finger rocked up in Westmorland and Lonsdale

Standing against Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, in Cumbria’s Westmorland and Lonsdale, Mr Fishfinger managed to accumulate 309 votes. Even more hilariously, this independant candidate reportedly changed his name by deed pole especially for this election!

5) Dimbleby needs a fly swatter

Won’t someone help this guy out? He’s got work to do.

6) Twitter’s excitement when John Curtice was proven right

John Curtice has been described as, “Britain’s most respected opinion pollster,”  and last night he defended that title through and through. Curtice became a beacon of certainty as his exit polls matched up with the results of the Conservatives being the largest party but unable to make a majority government. The people love him!

7) Andrew Marr makes a “wheat field” jibe

“I’m sure she’d love to go running through fields of wheat again. But she can’t.”  

8) Andrew Neil shuts down Nigel Farage

It seems Andrew Neil had breakfast on his mind when he served up some strong words to  Nigel Farage at Westminster this morning. “Out... over… done... toast.”

9) Larry the cat made an appearance

With the confusion of this morning’s hung parliament outcome Twitter looked to Downing Street for answers. Loyal as ever, Larry the cat was on call and prepared to make a statement.