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Chad bans burqas because of the safety risk

Flickr: World Bank Photo Collection

Chad has banned the burqa and authorities are actively working to burn any of these head-to-toe garments found in markets. The burqa is worn by some Muslim women by choice, but it has also been pushed on women by extremist groups like the Taliban and Boko Haram.

Chad is a predominantly Muslim country, so what’s the motive behind such a drastic ban? Last week there were two bombings in Chad and the attackers were both wearing burqas. The goal is to help prevent more of these attacks from happening by not allowing garments that conceal bombs and weapons so easily.

Boko Haram is the Islamist terrorist group that has been blamed for the attacks but it the first time they’ve taken their plans across the Nigerian border. Chad has taken a leading role in efforts against the group that has been terrorizing its neighbor, Nigeria.

The attacks in Chad are thought to be a response to their support, but Chad has since retaliated with not only the burqa ban, but air strikes into Boko Haram sites. According to the Chad government, they have destroyed six of their bases in Nigeria, and in doing so have killed several militants.

There are still girls and children yet to be rescued from their terrorist kidnappers, but the good news here is that Nigeria is receiving strong support from Chad to stop the actions of this horrible terrorist group.