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Australia helped Grace find happiness again

Campaign for Australian Aid

Grace has truly been to hell and back. At the age of just 10, when most of us were in school and having playdates with friends, Grace was abducted from her village in Uganda by Kony’s army.

Instructed to kill and beat people to death Grace was forced to become a child soldier.

Any thought of escape seemed impossible as she was threatened with a horrible death if she attempted to run away.

“...all we knew was war, fighting all the time. Life was very hard. But now I’m out, I don’t have to see those things anymore.”

After eight years of being a slave in the rebel army Grace finally managed to escape, but upon her return to her village she was faced with stigma and isolation. That was before she received assistance from Australian aid.

With the help of Australian aid Grace joined her local Village Savings and Loans Association and was able to borrow money to invest in a farm. After much hard work Grace now makes enough profit to pay school tuition fees for her children and buy food for her family.

She is learning how to save money and can afford basic everyday items. Best of all, Grace is now free and she feels happiness thanks to the new chance at life Australian aid has given her.

Don’t underestimate the power of Australian aid to empower people, change lives and best of all bring happiness. Because isn’t that what everyone deserves?

In the lead up to Australian Federal Election remind our politicians that Australian aid matters.