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Art of Tea to Circus Arts: 7 Wacky Things You Can Study

Kiran Foster

No two global citizens are alike — we all have our own interests, passions, and aspirations. With a whole universe of career options to pick from, it’s really up to you to mould your future! You could be a tea sommelier, an ethical hacker, or you could even make a living off of wasting time on the Internet. A degree in math will probably ensure you have a steady career, but will it give you the same freedom as having your own circus? Celebrate your individuality and explore these unique, offbeat course offerings.

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Carpet Technology

carpet.jpgImage: Kiavash

Not only will you learn how to make unique carpets, you’ll also discover the art and history of carpetry around the world. If carpets are your calling, the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology in India offers courses in several regions.

Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance

circus performance.jpgImage: Chris Marchant

Bath Spa University in England can teach you circus theory, physical theatre, how to start a career in circus performance, and the philosophy of circus. Courses in circus performance are also taught at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands as well as Swinburne University of Technology in Australia.

Ethical Hacking

You’ll learn how to hack into software and computers, how to solve security issues, and how to secure software. This course is becoming increasingly popular, and is offered in several colleges, including University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland, and Northumbria University in England.

Farrier Science

Once upon a time, farriery was the term used to denote the art of making and putting a horseshoe on a horse. Now, farrier science encompasses everything equestrian, from performance shoeing and equine anatomy to therapeutic and corrective horseshoeing.

Courses in farriery are offered at several universities, including Cornell University and Mesalands Community College in the US.

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Tea Tasting

People all over the world are quickly realizing the benefits of drinking tea, and colleges like Assam Agricultural University in India and Dilmah School of Tea in Sri Lanka offer courses in tea tasting. You’d be taught not just how to distinguish between different teas, but also about the cultivation, manufacturing, and branding of teas.

Turfgrass Science

Turfgrass science is all about the study of grasses, soils, pests, and water in relation to the maintenance of recreational grasses like golf courses. It’s offered at Penn State University and Purdue University, among others.

Wasting Time on the Internet

The Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania offers a course called “Wasting Time on the Internet,” aimed at using raw material from Twitter feeds, Facebook homepages, and other online sources to create compelling works of literature. “Students will be required to stare at the screen for three hours, only interacting through chat rooms, bots, social media and listservs,” reads the course description.

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