About Natalie Prolman

Natalie is the Director of Campaigns & Events at Code REDD, an environmental NGO promoting forest conservation through the UN envisioned REDD+ mechanism. She has a Master of Science degree in Social Work & Non Profit Management from Columbia University and has worked with Global Citizen, UNESCO, UNEP & The House of Representatives. She has studied & lived abroad in France, Thailand, India & Kenya focusing on areas of international development, sustainability & transnational activism.

Why Natalie Prolman is a Global Citizen

I am a global citizen because "my humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours." - Desmond Tutu.


  1. Artikel: Why all babies should come with a box: Lessons from Finland

    Geniale Finnen: Baby-Starter-Paket für alle frischgebackenen Eltern

    Ein Beitrag von Natalie Prolman  und  Aileen Elsner|28. Mai 2017

    So simpel, so unglaublich effektiv: jedes Baby erhält eine Grundausstattung für den Start ins Leben Mehr Lesen