Quiz: Welche Auswirkungen hat der Klimawandel auf extreme Armut?

Starte das Quiz und erfahre mehr über die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels.

Was man wissen sollte:

  • Der Klimawandel hat schon heute schlimme Auswirkungen für Menschen in extremer Armut.
  • Nur wenn wir uns für den Klimaschutz einsetzen, können wir extreme Armut besiegen.
  • Teste dein Wissen und finde heraus, wie diese beiden Dinge zusammenhängen.

Mehr erfahren über diese Ursache:

Climate change is a major threat to the progress we have made in reducing poverty around the world. An increase in natural disasters, floods, cyclones, droughts, and increasing global temperatures are wreaking havoc on our natural resources and threatening jobs and food security globally.

Although climate change is affecting every country, the consequences are not being experienced equally across the world. The world’s poorest people suffer the most from the consequences of the climate crisis — despite having contributed the least to the problem. 

To change this, everyone — individuals, local leaders, big business, and government — needs to step up to reduce our impact on the planet and help mitigate the very real effects of the climate crisis on the world’s poorest people. 

Take the quiz to learn more about climate change and its link to extreme poverty.