Step 1: Build your idea

Develop a business idea aimed at solving a social need while being financially sound.

Take Action


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Welcome to the Social Entrepreneur's Journey

Extreme weather, resource constraints and population growth mean that life will be increasingly turbulent in the years ahead.

As a generation, we can sit back and watch breakdown unfold in communities near and far. Or we can step up to build a world that works for an expected 9 billion people by 2050.

Social entrepreneurs are building businesses where high social and environmental impact is their goal. To that end, they apply financially viable, market-based approaches to pressing challenges they see in communities or countries around the globe.

Social enterprise is not a new concept. Leaders like Mother Teresa and Muhammad Yunus have demonstrated how this approach can change the world.

But for new social entrepreneurs, the journey can be daunting. In response to this, and in partnership with the HP LIFE e-Learning, we've mapped out the Social Entrepreneur's Journey and identified relevant resources along the way. We hope this will help you build your own idea for a social enterprise and make it a reality.

No journey will be the same, and if it was easy it would already be done. But we encourage you, as Global Citizens, to take action on some of the most pressing issues of our generation through social entrepreneurship.