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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I win tickets?

You earn points for taking action on Global Citizen. Each action yields a certain number of points – denoted by red plus signs across the site. You must have 8 points to enter to win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival. We'll have five draws over the summer, and you can enter up to six times. You can enter the draw here - but remember you need eight points. Full terms and conditions here.

Who's behind Global Citizen Festival?
The Global Citizen Festival is the lead annual event in the Global Citizen movement. You can learn about us here, see our manifesto here, and see our impact here.

Global Citizen is an initiative of Global Poverty Project, an international education and advocacy organization working to catalyze the movement to end extreme poverty by 2030. An Australian grown project, The Global Poverty Project creates campaigns with the purpose of increasing the number of people taking action to end extreme poverty, with the vision of a world without extreme poverty by 2030. Learn more at

What are the aims of the 2014 Global Citizen Festival?
The Global Citizen Festival aims to raise the consciousness of a generation to make change inevitable. It's an incredible tool to promote activism through something people love – live musical entertainment – and in turn, give our world leaders a clear and compelling mandate to commit to ending extreme poverty by 2030.

We want all the world’s children and young people to survive and thrive. In 2014, we are campaigning for tangible commitments in the areas of vaccines, education and sanitation.

Throughout the campaign, Global Citizens will be taking targeted actions that are designed to secure commitments from companies, charities world leaders and philanthropists that could affect the lives of 50 million people by 2025.

'Affect the lives of 50 million people' – what does that mean?
By lives affected, we mean the number of people who have the potential to be directly affected by a commitment made in response to campaigning by Global Citizens between now and 2025.

These commitments are broadly made in pursuit of the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030, and in 2014, our campaigning is focused on securing commitments on education, vaccines, and sanitation.

We calculate the number of lives affected by each commitment by working with our partners to find out the scale of the barrier and the cost to overcome it, and by tracking the proportion of the barrier that us being committed. For example, if a country like the US responds to the call of global citizens to make a commitment to the GAVI Alliance, we count every child that will have access to a vaccine as a result of the donation.

Finally, working with our partners we hold donors and policy makers accountable for every commitment made through or because of the actions of global citizens, until the promises made to the world's poor have been delivered.

Who is supporting the 2014 Global Citizen Festival?
The 2014 Global Citizen Festival is supported by Caterpillar Inc., Citi, World Childhood Foundation, The Riot House, Noise for Good, EKOCYCLE, and Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. MSNBC and NBC News will serve as the official media partner. The Festival has also partnered with leading non-profit groups, including: UNFPA, the Global Partnership for Education, GAVI Alliance, and more. You can see a full list of Global Citizen partners here.

Who are the artists involved in this year's Festival?
The 2014 Global Citizen Festival will feature JAY Z, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood, fun., The Roots, Tiësto and special guests to be announced.

What role does music have to play in helping to end extreme poverty, hunger and preventable disease around the world?
We believe that music transcends boundaries and languages and serves as an outlet for raising awareness around the issues that face everyone. Through music, we have an opportunity to reach millions with the message that we can end extreme poverty by 2030, and give people like you the opportunity to take action on issues like ending preventable diseases, getting kids a better education, and ensuring everyone has safe access to toilets.

Is Global Citizen just another 'clicktivist' site?
Since we launched Global Citizen in August 2012, more than 300,000 Global Citizens just like you have taken over 2,000,000 actions in support of ending extreme poverty by 2030. These actions, in combination with partner campaigns, have led to more than $2 billion in new financial commitments across issues including polio eradication, vaccines, education, and women's equality.

Not only are commitments being made, they're being followed through on. For example, here's the latest on four commitments made at the 2013 Global Citizen Festival:

  • President Joyce Banda of Malawi made a commitment to increase number of community health workers by 17,000 in Malawi. Despite her recent election loss, this commitment has been incorporated in the Ministry for Health's strategy and is in the process of receiving funding from the international community.
  • 4 Members of Congress from both sides of politics said publicly that they would go back to Washington and push for an increase in funding towards Global Partnership for Education (GPE). They certainly did this and just a few weeks ago we saw $40M announced from the US to go to GPE for this year - doubling their annual contribution!
  • Raj Shah, head of USAID, came to the Festival where we presented him with a petition calling on him to support child survival efforts. We kept up the pressure with Global Citizens sending him hundreds of tweets and just a few weeks ago at the Thank You Festival he announced a realignment of $2.9 billion to save an additional 500,000 lives.
  • Global Citizens reached out to contraceptive companies to take the 2% Industry Pledge, donating 2 percent of their profits toward family planning initiatives, securing commitments from 5 contraception manufacturers. Thousands of Global Citizens also signed a petition calling on leaders to place women and girls at the center of the post-2015 development agenda, resulting in significant announcements

You see the full story of our impact at

How does an online platform relate to social movements?
Throughout history, ordinary people have created extraordinary change. By standing up against injustice, raising their voices and sharing their vision for a better world, they have formed movements that have shaped history.

Right now, across the globe, millions of people are taking action to fight the injustice of extreme poverty - tackling some of the biggest issues of our time, and making remarkable advances. They have helped achieve massive progress, halving extreme poverty in the last thirty years, and bringing polio to the brink of eradication.

Our generation has the opportunity to finish the job – to see an end to the injustice of extreme poverty by 2030. But to do it we're going to need to build the movement of people taking action. Global Citizen has been designed to serve this movement. We've partnered with leading organisations to give you the information and opportunities you need to take effective action. Put simply – we've created a platform to unite, and amplify the calls of the movement. Learn more about the idea of Global Citizen here, and about our impact and achievements here.

Do you promote advocacy rather than fundraising? The money we give as individuals is important, but to bring about the end of extreme poverty, we also need governments and businesses to play their part: by changing rules, practices and giving money themselves.

Our individual donations alone won't end extreme poverty. Collectively, we can work with governments to ensure stronger international commitments to tackle issues such as stopping kids from dying of preventable diseases, or enabling them to thrive by getting a quality education. That's why Global Citizen both supports individual charities, whilst also asking you to use your voice to encourage governments and others to play their part too.

What about domestic poverty issues?
The Global Poverty Project believes that extreme poverty is the greatest injustice facing our time. We believe that a world that sees approximately 1.2 billion people survive on the equivalent of US$1.50 a day and deprived of their basic rights and opportunities is unjust, and unacceptable. We believe that domestic issues of poverty and injustice are also important, and we believe that our society has the ability, and the resources, to address both.

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How do I win tickets?
You earn points for taking action on Global Citizen. Each action yields a certain number of points – denoted by red plus signs across the site. You must have 8 points to enter to win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival. We'll have five draws over the summer, and you can enter up to six times. You can enter the draw here - but remember you need eight points. Full terms and conditions here.

Who chooses the point value and on what is it based?
Our team at Global Citizen decide point values. Points are assigned to actions based on how much impact the action makes. For example, sharing a video on Facebook helps grow the movement and educate people and gets one point. Signing a petition that helps demonstrate public support for a government or business action receives two points. Attending an event or volunteering is an even higher threshold, and clearly demonstrates that you care about an issue, so it's worth more points.

What types of actions can people take?
The actions fall under two categories: 1) social sharing, education and movement building; 2) advocacy campaigning for what we can do for the world's poor in the three focus areas for this year's Festival: vaccines, education and sanitation.

Through the social sharing actions, you help to build the movement by sharing content like videos and infographics with their social networks. Through the advocacy campaigning actions, you can sign petitions and send emails to government representatives to help influence policy efforts that affect the world's poor. Both categories of actions are vital to the success of building the movement to end extreme poverty.

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Why vaccines? What are you hoping to achieve?
Since 2000, the world has made extraordinary progress in reducing the number of deaths from preventable causes. But too many children continue to die before their fifth birthday, and today, one in five children currently miss out on even the most basic vaccines. An estimated 1.5 million children die each year—one every 20 seconds—from vaccine-preventable diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia.

Vaccines save millions of lives a year and are among the most cost-effective health interventions ever developed.

One of the first "actions" fans can complete is the signing of a petition calling on world leaders – like those of Canada, the US, Norway, Sweden, Australia and the UK - to contribute $7.5 billion to the GAVI Alliance, which provides lifesaving vaccines to children in poor countries. This funding would enable the GAVI Alliance to help immunize 300 million children by 2020, which will help save the lives of 5 million to 6 million children worldwide.

Why education? What are you hoping to achieve?
The world has reduced the number of children who do not go to school by 48 million since 2000. But 1 in 10 children worldwide still go through life without even a basic primary education. The power of education to transform lives is universal. Education improves livelihoods. Educated people find better jobs. It offers children and families a chance for a better life; to break the cycle of extreme poverty and lead a life with dignity.

We will shine the spotlight on this education emergency and call on world leaders to commit the funding needed to put education first - with a focus on ensuring all girls have equal access to education.

Global Citizens are campaigning to secure contributions to the Global Partnership for Education - who with $3.5b of new money can get 29 million children in school. Participants can sign a petition that calls on world leaders to contribute at least $4 billion to the Global Partnership for Education Fund to ensure that all kids have access to school.

Why sanitation? What are you hoping to achieve?
Since 1990, 1.9 billion people have gained access to toilets, but 1 in 3 people worldwide still live without adequate sanitation. Poor sanitation disproportionately affects women and girls. Beyond the issue of disease, women and girls lose 200 million hours every day on tasks that would not be necessary with access to sanitation and clean water -- in sub-Saharan Africa, it equals 40 billion hours of time wasted each year, the value of the entire labor force of France. Additionally, 1 in 3 women and girls worldwide risk shame, disease and harassment because they have nowhere safe to go to the toilet.

The importance of this issue has been further highlighted by the recent incident reported in India, where two girls in Uttar Pradesh were found hung after being gang-raped on the way to relieving themselves. These girls ultimately died because they didn't have access to a safe, private toilet. No one should have to live, fearing their own safety and the safety of their children, when going 'to the toilet'.

We can help benefit the 1.25 billion women and girls who currently go without access to sanitation by 2025 if Congress passes the Water for the World Act, governments like that of India and the private - multilateral sector, including the World Bank, step up their investments and inspire the global community to elevate sanitation as a priority in the roadmap to end extreme poverty by 2030 in order to break the taboo around this issue once and for all.

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How do I win tickets?

You earn points for taking action on Global Citizen. Each action yields a certain number of points – denoted by red plus signs across the site. You must have 8 points to enter to win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival. We'll have five draws over the summer, and you can enter up to six times. You can enter the draw here - but remember you need eight points. Full terms and conditions here.

How many free tickets will you be giving out to the Global Citizen Festival?
We will draw 24,000 winners – each winner then has 7 days to claim two tickets. A total of 48,000 free tickets will be distributed to the 2014 Global Citizen Festival.

When are prize draws for tickets to Global Citizen Festival?
We will give away 48,000 free tickets to the 2014 Global Citizen Festival. Prize draws will be held on:

  • July 29: 5,000 double passes will be drawn
  • August 15: 5,000 double passes will be drawn
  • August 29: 7,000 double passes will be drawn
  • September 11: 7,000 double passes will be drawn, plus any unclaimed tickets
  • September 16: Re-lottery of any tickets not claimed within 7 days of notification.

These dates are subject to change. Note: Though we are holding 5 drawings, there is only one place to enter for tickets throughout (enter here). In other words, we will be drawing several times from the same pool. And remember, you can enter up to six times, with each entry costing you 8 points. Full terms and conditions here.

How will Global Citizen prevent these tickets from winding up on the secondary market?
We know that most of you will work hard to fairly earn and win your tickets as Global Citizens who are committed to ending extreme poverty by 2030.

But, some people will cheat. We've clearly set out the rules in the T&Cs, and will remove people who break the rules from all draws. If anyone does put try to sell any of the FREE tickets, it won't work. We know people at all of the big reselling sites, and they've agreed to take down any of these tickets. On our side, we'll cancel them – so if you buy them, you won't be able to get into the show. Instead of buying them, tell us at

Can I enter the draw multiple times?
Yes, you can enter up to six times, with each entry costing 8 points. Don't enter under lots of different email addresses – that's cheating, and you'll run the risk of getting deleted from the draw. Full terms and conditions here.

How do I buy VIP Tickets?
VIP Tickets are available through our ticketing partner Ticketmaster. Click here to visit their site and buy some of the limited VIP tickets.

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How do I win tickets?

You earn points for taking action on Global Citizen. Each action yields a certain number of points – denoted by red plus signs across the site. You must have 8 points to enter to win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival. We'll have five draws over the summer, and you can enter up to six times. You can enter the draw here - but remember you need eight points. Full terms and conditions here.

What time do the gates to Central Park open? What time does the Festival start and end?
The gates to the Great Lawn open at 2pm. The Festival is projected to begin by 4pm, and end by 9:30pm. As the Park is General Admission (no seating), the earlier you arrive, the better view you'll have.

What are the set times or order the Artists are playing?
We will not be releasing set times, or the order of Artists. With the amazing lineup, get there early to enjoy the whole show!

What am I allowed to bring into Central Park? What is prohibited?
The prohibited and allowed items are listed on your Tickets.

Will there be food/drink sold at the Festival?
Yes, there will be food and drink vendors.

Where is the exact location we should enter the park?
My ticket only says West or East gate.
Depending on the West or East gate marked on your ticket, for General Admission the entrance to the park is East 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue, or West 72nd Street and Central Park West.

Where is the VIP entrance?
West 81st and Central Park West.

Where is the ADA/handicapped accessible entrance?
East 84th and Fifth Avenue.

I, or someone I'm attending the Festival with has a disability. What should we do?
Please email and we'll handle it case by case to ensure you get the best possible experience.

Will there be chairs in the VIP areas, or ADA areas?
There are not any chairs in the VIP area.

There are a small number of chairs available in the ADA area. If you or someone you are attending the Festival with needs the option of sitting, contact us at

Both of my tickets have my name on them. Is that okay?
Yes! Please make sure you enter the Festival with your guest.

What if I earned a second pair of tickets and both have my name on them?
If you were lucky enough to win a second pair of Global Citizen Festival tickets, and you are giving them to a friend or family member, please log into your Ticketmaster account, and go into 'My Tickets'. Find the second pair of Global Citizen Festival tickets, and use the 'Ticket Transfer' option to transfer tickets to your friend or family member's name.

I think I earned tickets during two different prize draws. Is that possible?
Yes! If you entered the ticket draw more than once, it's entirely possible to win more than once. Your entries go into all future draws. If you win a second time, this has no effect on your first pair of tickets. Just use the Ticketmaster 'Ticket Transfer' option to change the name on the second pair to whoever it is you give them to.

If I arrive at the Festival a few hours after my friends and want to meet up with them, will this be difficult?
Yes. We strongly suggest arriving at the Festival with the person/people you are attending with. People will be sectioned off in pens on the Great Lawn according to their time of arrival, and will not be able to move around between pens.

How many times can I enter the ticket draw?
You can enter up to 6 times! That is 6 times throughout the entire ticket draw process (5 draws); you cannot enter 6 times for each draw.

I have a baby and want to bring her/him. Does she/he need a ticket?
Yes! Everyone entering the park, regardless of age, will need a ticket. If you do not earn enough tickets for yourself, partner, and baby, please email and we'll handle it case by case.


Ticket Lottery Terms and Conditions

1. This Lottery Policy applies to all of ticket contests being run for the Global Citizen Festival by the Global Poverty Project ("GPP").

2. Specific contests may have a set of rules specific to that Competition (Contest Rules), in which case:
   2.1 the contest will be governed by both this Competition Policy and the Contest Rules;
   2.2 the Contest Rules will be made available on the Site;
   2.3 to the extent that there is inconsistency between the rules contained in this Competition Policy and the Contest Rules, the Contest Rules will prevail; and
   2.4 a person who enters a Competition agrees to be bound by both this Competition Policy and, if in effect, the Contest Rules.

3. Failure by GPP to follow or uphold this Competition Policy and/or any Contest Rules will not give rise to a claim by any person.

4. Every competition will be conducted (and a winner(s) determined) at the absolute discretion of GPP. The Judge(s) decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. Entry is open to all residents of the United States of America, except:
   5.1 any person who does not meet the eligibility requirements of the Competition which may be specified in the Contest Rules;
   5.2 any person who does not give complete or correct registration or other details requested by GPP upon the entering of, or during the course of, a Competition;
   5.3 employees, servants, agents, sub-contractors or those employed by sub-contractors of GPP and their immediate family (including, but not limited to, their parents, siblings, children, and de facto partners (Immediate Family));
   5.4 any other person whom GPP deems ineligible. This may include, but is not limited to, person(s) who have previously won a prize(s) due to any Competition(s) run by GPP;
   5.5 Entrants from outside of the United States of America are eligible only if they can prove via flight or hotel booking confirmations, that they will be in New York on September 27, 2014.

6. Any person who is found to have given incorrect information when entering a Competition, is immediately disqualified from entering any further Competitions. If a person is discovered to have given incorrect information in relation to a Competition that is still running (or a winner has yet to be decided or found), such person will be immediately disqualified and/or removed from that Competition.
   6.1 Such incorrect information may include, but is not limited to supplying false personal details, entering the same competition under multiple names, entering the same competition under multiple email addresses.

7. Any person who enters a Competition (an Entrant) and is awarded a prize(s), and who is subsequently deemed ineligible for that Competition due to being a person listed under clauses 5 and 6 above, may be required, at the discretion of GPP, to forfeit, return, refund, or otherwise make restitution of the prize(s).

8. Some prizes may be claimed in person by the winning Entrant (or a nominated representative of the winning Entrant) who must provide some form of official photo identification (for example a drivers licence or passport).

9. Any person claiming the prize(s) may be required to sign and endorse this Competition Policy, the Contest Rules (if any) and/or any other relevant agreements.

10. The prize(s) must be claimed within seven days from the date of winning, unless otherwise agreed or specified by GPP.

11. All prize(s) not claimed for any reason within the time frame specified in the Contest Rules (including for the reasons set out in clauses 6, 7, 8 and/or 9 above) will be deemed to be forfeited or abandoned by the winner and will be re-drawn.

12. All prizes of every Competition:
   12.1 if in the form of something other than cash, are in no way redeemable or transferable for cash, and may not be sold. If tickets are posted on any unauthorized platform, they will be cancelled;
   12.2 must, where applicable, be used on the dates specified;
   12.3 are not the responsibility of GPP, including if they are defective or ineffectual in any way, the extent permitted by law. This extends to any loss, damage, expense or injury suffered (including that which is indirect or consequential) as a result of, or in connection with, the acceptance, use and/or enjoyment of the prize(s); and
   12.4 are subject to any other condition or stipulation given by GPP, including, but not limited to, those provided in the Contest Rules.

13. The prize(s) include only the costs and expenses directly given as being part of the prize(s). Any relevant cost(s) associated with, consequential to, and/or resulting from the acceptance and claiming of the prize(s) are to be covered by the winner. This includes all relevant taxes and charges associated with the acceptance, use and/or ownership of the prize(s).

14. All Entrants to the Competition(s) (including any subsequent winners):
   14.1 agree to (if required by GPP at any time) to engage in a photo, video, film and/or radio session, or any other form of publicity for GPP (unless the Entrant specifically requested to retain their anonymity at the time of entering any Competition;
   14.2 agree to the broadcasting or other publicising of an Entrant's name, character, statements, voice recordings or any other information regarding the Entrant, in any advertising or promotional activities concerning a Competition or Competitions of GPP in general. This includes the use of a winner's name to disclose that they have won a Competition; and
   14.3 agree to allow GPP to use in any reasonable manner as they see fit, any materials submitted in connection with any Competition, whether in written, electronic, visual, audio and/or any other form). Such materials (and all Copyright in them) become(s) the property of GPP and the Entrant waives all moral rights it may have in such materials.

15. The entrant consents to the use by GPP of the entrants' details and acknowledges that GPP, may, at its discretion disclose and use those details for the purpose of providing you with goods or services, communicating with you, planning, research, product and business development and sales, the promotion and marketing (whether target, direct or indirect) of their businesses, services or products or those of a third party which we believe may be of benefit to you. The details will also be used to investigate complaints, as required or permitted by any law, to enable GPP to perform its obligations to you under this or any other agreement and to ensure that you perform your obligations under this or any other agreement.

16. If you do not want the details to be used for the purposes stated in clause 15, please write to us at and GPP will ensure that the details are not used for that purpose. GPP Privacy Policy can be viewed here

17. Any problem that is directly or indirectly related to the running of a Competition, which may affect the outcome of a Competition and/or the determination of any winner, whether a result of technical or other problems or difficulties of GPP, its affiliates, the Entrant, or any third party, GPP will not be responsible and may also disqualify any Entrant to whom the above is relevant and may also award the prize to any other person. Such disqualification or allocations of prizes are at the absolute discretion of GPP.

18. GPP may amend or change this Competition Policy and any Contest Rules, at any time without notice.


Global Citizen Festival Ticket Contest rules

The 2014 Global Citizen Festival ticked contest rules are as follows:

1. The contest officially ends at 12:00 AM midnight on 16 September 2014 (EST).

2. The prize pool consists of 24,000 prizes, with each prize consisting of two general admission tickets to the Global Citizen Festival, to be held on the Great Lawn at Central Park on September 27, 2014.

3. In order to be eligible for the lottery, contestants must:    3.1 register on Global Citizen ( with your real name and email address, and
   3.2 earn at least 8 points on the Global Citizen platform, and
   3.3 enter the prize draw for the 2014 Global Citizen Festival

4. Prizes will be drawn on the following dates, with email notification sent to prize-winners within 48 hours of these dates:

  • July 29: 5,000 double passes will be drawn
  • August 15: 5,000 double passes will be drawn
  • August 29: 7,000 double passes will be drawn
  • September 11: 7,000 double passes will be drawn
  • September 16: Re-lottery of any tickets not claimed within 7 days of notification.
5. Only participants who have met the required minimum of 8 points and specifically entered the Global Citizen Festival prize draw on Global Citizen are eligible for the lottery.
   5.1 Participants may enter the prize draw up to six times, with each entry costing 8 points.
   5.2 Once participants enter the prize draw, they will be eligible for all subsequent prize draws.
   5.3 Participants will not be eligible to win more than once per prize draw.

6. Only persons of age 18 or older may be contestants for this lottery. Persons under the age of 18 may attend the Global Citizen Festival with the permission of their legal guardian.