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January 15, 2014

Two Percent Industry Pledge – let’s keep the pressure on condom companies!!

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Thank you Global Citizens for calling on condom companies to make a commitment to further international family planning efforts.


Global Citizens took over 50,000 actions calling on leading condom companies to sign the 2 Percent Industry Pledge to help support the 222 million women around the globe with an unmet need for contraception. 


Thanks to your actions, we have had the following responses:


·       Naked Condoms committed to donate 2 million condoms to Uganda and give 20% of all future profits to family planning initiatives


·       ONE committed to invest 2% of all profits to projects in aid of girls and women and to partner with the It Takes Two campaign


·       WomanCare Global committed to donate 100,000 soft cups with a value of $250,000


·       The Female Health Company renewed their commitment to invest $14 million USD over the course of 3 years for family planning efforts and donate 5% of  all products, as well as partner with the It Takes Two campaign


·        L Condoms commited to providing 1 free condom for every condom sold to regions where women need contraception the most and donate 100,000 condoms to Swaziland – the region with the highest HIV/AIDs prevalence in the world


The movement is truly building, but we still need the commitment of major companies to create a significant impact.   


Today, we ask you to keep the pressure on Trojan, Lifestyles and Durex. Sign the petition on the top right of the page to show your support.




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