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September 17, 2013

First Time Blogger, Long Time Giver: CSR at FedEX

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All my friends and family know that I am not a big social media user; I'm one of those people who doesn't have a Facebook account, so they will be surprised to find out that I am writing a blog post. But there is nothing I would rather share with the world than what I get to do every day at FedEx.

In the seven years I have worked in the Global Citizenship Department of FedEx, I have been honored, and humbled, to see first hand all that we do to help our neighbors, both locally and globally. We support strategic community investments in education and diversity, as well as local-market community service initiatives by team members. Our total charitable contributions last year amounted to $46 million in direct cash contributions, donated shipping services to nonprofit organizations, and team member contributions to our annual United Way campaign.

Also, this week marks the 9th annual FedEx Cares Week. This is an annual event that gives team members around the world the opportunity to participate in volunteer activities in their communities. In 2012, 6,000 of our team members gave back 34,000 volunteer hours.

I have had the opportunity to meet many of the amazing FedEx team members that give selflessly of their time and talents. Over the years I have seen FedEx fly to Haiti after the devastating earthquake transporting relief aid and a team of doctors. I witnessed endangered sea turtle eggs being packaged and shipped out of the Gulf of Mexico after the oil spill in 2010 and watched with tears in my eyes the thankfulness of parents staying in theFedExFamilyHouse while their child is treated at nearby Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. For more, check out

In my current position, I coordinate our global charitable shipping program. Every day I get to see how FedEx takes what we do best and gives it back to the communities where our team members and customers live and work.

One of my current projects is the Global Poverty Project (GPP), which exists to increase awareness, raise money and motivate people to take action to help reduce extreme poverty. FedEx teamed up with GPP again this year to provide charitable shipping for an upcoming concert on September 28. Our logistical experts at FedEx Custom Critical have worked tirelessly for weeks with GPP to coordinate the safe delivery of a massive stage that will be constructed on the Great Lawn of New York City’s Central Park. Believe me, it is no small task to get a total of 12 step-deck and flatbed trucks full of stage equipment through the streets of Manhattan. But it will all come together to serve some of those in such great need.

We see corporate social responsibility as a vital element in our modern society. From all of us at FedEx, we encourage you to take action and give back to your community, and your fellow Global Citizens.

Well, this was so much fun I might even open a Twitter account! #newbie

By Sarah Farrell, FedEx Corporate Contributions


Lisa Caporale

9/21/2013 9:05:08 PM

Great story Sarah! YOU ARE inspiring! I too am truly in awe of what's going on in the world these days. I've only recently discovered the entire Global Citizen Crusade and I HAVE NOT been the same since. I've put in hours and hours upon hours and hours of time learning. Reading, sharing, committing, getting my nose in everywhere I can. I am thrilled to be a part of this H-U-G-E movement to take action to bring about or continue making progress to end Global Poverty. The stories are heartbreaking. I don't understand how anyone could turn away after learning about the endless reasons to become a Global Citizen. There's just no excuse. Everyone, every one person can at least do one thing or 100 things. I'm happy to have finally reached my true calling in life and I am not going anywhere. We are a spoiled rotten nation. How dare we ignore the needs of others in this world. We have so much to give, to do, to change. Becoming a Global Citizen is a serious commitment. Right now I'm committed