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August 01, 2013

Petition: Stand with Malala

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We are in the middle of an education emergency


At this moment there are 57 million children without access to education and millions more who aren’t learning in school. Working together, we can lower that number to zero by 2015.


On July 12 — less than a year after she was shot by the Taliban for her strong voice in this fight — Malala Yousafzai will mark her 16th birthday by delivering the highest leadership of the UN a set of education demands written by youth, for youth, to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. We can’t stand on the UN floor next to Malala — but we can all stand with her.


8916 people signed the Global Citizen petition to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and showed their by support in standing with Malala and by demanding global leader put an end to the education emergency.


This was their petition:


Dear Mr Secretary-General,


I stand with Malala in demanding that the leaders of the world end our global Education Emergency. After the recent violent murder of 14 girls in Pakistan who simply wanted an education, I support the civil rights struggle of 57 million girls and boys who will not go to school today — or any day. Side by side with Malala, we demand that at the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders agree to fund the new teachers, schools and books we need — and to end child labor, child marriage and child trafficking — so that by December 2015 we meet the Millennium Development goal promise that every boy and girl be at school.


We must be united in this fight, and we must act now. 


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Iva Vilovic

10/10/2013 4:32:49 AM


Dana Dixon-Dunne

9/28/2013 9:12:49 AM

Malala is one of the true, as well as most astonishingly Brave young voices in the world today. Yes, I'll stand by her.

brian hannigan

9/28/2013 4:25:16 AM


hyejeong heo

9/26/2013 7:34:06 AM

I support you

Jennifer Pringle

9/23/2013 10:21:26 AM

Standing together we can accomplish a lot. I stand with Malala!!!!!!

Udi Yaakobi

9/21/2013 2:06:45 PM

Education is one of the rights that everybody should get! the world should make sure that every child gets it.

Lisa Bos

9/18/2013 12:26:04 PM

Education is really the key to sustainable development and ending poverty

Luciana Domingues

9/16/2013 7:21:16 AM

Amazing Example!!

Scott Corey

9/14/2013 12:47:25 PM

I would have loved to have signed this petition -- already sent to the SG?

Rose Mohyla

9/14/2013 8:48:39 AM

I support you.

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