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February 11, 2014

Want to save 79,000 women's lives every year?

poverty, birth mortality, children, environment

Sign the petition at the top right of this page to help ensure increasing access to contraception for women and girls is a priority for the post-2015 agenda.


Yael Feder

1/26/2014 8:08:24 PM

It's so great people are finally starting to reach out, these issues have been neglected for so long. We must make sure that everyone everywhere has access to good health and necessities. There is no limit for success!

Davison Nzembe

1/24/2014 5:46:48 AM

This is great , together we can accomplish the goal, and turn the world into a fair global home for everyone. Many thanks God bless you

Benedetta Treves

1/14/2014 10:48:08 AM

Finally! thanks so much for starting this campaign and realizing the root of so much suffering and poverty and deaths of both infants and women. I thought the previous popes should have been sued as criminals for going around preaching against contraception in developing countries. They caused the death of 1 child/per minute in all poor countries. That's sinful to me.

Francine Perretta

10/18/2013 5:17:33 PM

wow this is crucial that we join in on this campaign!

Catherine Patton

9/20/2013 9:34:44 AM

Here's to saving lives! What an informative graph!

betim bujari

9/16/2013 7:29:43 AM


Lisa Caporale

9/15/2013 2:19:06 AM

Oops.... To be continued...the post below ,I was working on a "fictional" story of how my mind envisions these poverty stricken villages, towns, countries and how the people manage, live and reproduce or they die. Millions live WITHOUT many of the "basic necessities" along with the lack of any semblance of "basic human rights"... It's more than likely that so many, many people do not even have the opportunity or provisions to live long lives at all from what I've learned so far. Everything is so hugely profound! In every story there is a lesson, a message, a plea, a reason, a plan, a blueprint. This entire site and all the external links are providing us with the epic proportions of NEED globally. Yet millions affected by poverty and loss do or might make it through the day. Maybe the entire day was spent just hand washing 4 items of clothing. It is a huge ordeal to go fetch the water, maybe miles or maybe its their turn to wash in the puddle of already used water? If you've read these

Lisa Caporale

9/15/2013 12:32:45 AM

Look at the word THROW. Now look at the word Throw spelled backwards. What do you see? Spell it with me.... W O R now swap the T and H. See it? WORTH! That woman, those women, the women far away on the other side of the globe, the women not so far away. Her, that girl, those girls. THEY ARE everywhere! Right now yes "they are" but not for long. Not for very long at all. They don't feel the difference. They hear it's coming. When, they don't know? Why? Why don't they know when help is coming? Why should they believe what they hear? They heard about some places where the women were happy and smiling. They were even laughing. They were in school. They were learning. It came, yep. Something, some people came. Some people came to help them in those towns. the towns way out there in the valley, over that way. And I heard they built places and they got all these folks going back and forth, carrying big boxes and all kinds of things. Yep and they say those women, they got helped. Yeah some c

Lisa Caporale

9/14/2013 11:31:25 PM

We cannot let over 200 MILLION WOMEN in developing countries THROW their WORTH away! If they THROW their WORTH AWAY then they have NO HOPE! We must pick them, show them. Let them feel THEY CAN! Put out your hand and reach. Reach far, reach wide. Call to the WOMEN OF THE WORLD TO STAND UP! They can no longer feel that life will THROW THEM AWAY, that they don't have a chance just because they see life this way. It's up to ALL OF US to Join the Fight! To pick them up and feel the hand. The hand that reaches out to the Woman. She is afraid. She is fearful. She sees where life goes there. Make a difference! Take your hand and give it to that woman. Let her know she will never have to THROW her dreams away! Give her the hope, the smile, the hug. Give her the chance to change the status quo. Give her the WORTH, the VALUE, the CHANCE, the CHANGE! When you help HER, you change the word she fears. She can have a life, a plan, a future. She no longer has to THROW her life away because she does

Lisa Caporale

9/14/2013 10:49:51 PM

#AWomansWorth is indescribable! Where oh where would we be without her, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, grandmother, teacher, professor, leader, glass ceiling breaker, Lady Liberty, Mother Teresa, Oprah, Flotus, Cher, Mrs. Bill Gates. So many, many, many more and YOU and I and our future women, our past women. The ones who paved the way for us, sacrificed so much. That woman! Can you see her? Yes, she's a part of you, within you. WE ARE ALL THE WOMEN, EVERY WOMAN. WITHOUT OUR WOMAN, OUR SELF WOMAN, WE FALL, WE FAIL. No! No More!

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